Monday, February 28, 2005

Need volunteers for Item dance!

I know this is a little bizarre for a request.

But I want some of you to volunteer as dancers for an item number I'm gonna be shooting. It's like a spoof of an item number.

The lead female dancer is wearing a dress just made out of hankies. And the song is called "Hanky panky."

All guys dancing in the background will be wearing clothing made up of one or more hankies. So we need people to be total sports. Cuz it is gonna look incredibly funny. And your relatives might disown you after watching you with your pants down.

All you will be left with are hankies to wipe your tears. Storyline for item: Hawt babe dances with all you guys and kisses one guy who turns into a frog! (Story Credit: My own genious genie Fid Jaan, from Leeds)

Also need choreographer for the song.

Standard TFLW rules apply. Nobody gets paid/laid in exchange for this favour. Yes, you read that right, it means that you don't get to sleep with the director!

Post Script: Whoever thinks I'm joking, does not know me yet!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Here comes That Four Letter Word


Finally, we decided to go ahead and make our movie no matter what.

We don't have any money whatsoever. But we gonna do it. All by borrowing and taking favours.

We need locations to shoot, so if any of you reading this have some awesome place you could let us shoot in Madras, please let me know. We need houses, rooms, eat outs, streets, beach stretches, shops, stalls, malls ... any where you can expect to find young people.

By shoot, we are just talking about a bunch of ten people hanging around the location with a small tiny camera and a tripod. Not with the extravagant film shooting paraphernalia. Ours is just a digital production.

We need volunteers to work as production assistants. But on a full time basis for 22 days. between mid March to early April. For free. We won't even be giving you food.

We need extras to add to the ambience of the film every single day...

And for the climax scene, we need 20 -30 people with cars and bikes to hold up traffic on top of a flyover. We are gonna be shooting it early morning at the break of dawn and pass it off as night. Please let me know if you can join the chaos.

The action is about to begin. All we are waiting for is YOU!

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