Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Inching towards the final cut!


We faced a lot more hurdles, both personal and financial in the last few months. But, have finally been able to complete a first rough cut last month.

We also had reason to cheer after Asif Bhai, our old music director agreed to do the background score and original soundtrack for the movie, unconditionally.

Over the last coupla weeks, he has prepared some really kick-ass scores.

And we're maha-inspired as we gear up for the final cut starting tomorrow.

From here on, things would hopefully move at a reasonable pace and we hope to have a movie in our hands by the end of the year and ready for release early next year, hopefully the Valentine's season. In any case, we'll arrange a special show for bloggers before that. :)

Also, we have booked an official site. It should be up by the end of next month.

Thanks for not giving up on us and for all those endless enquiries.

This is also to welcome my co-writer and best buddy Murugan back home. He has come back for good from the US. We wrote the script over email, if you remember.

Now, that he's around, we are gonna have a full-time executive producer to run around and get us some deals. Meanwhile, if you are aware of potential buyers and distributors, do drop us an email at madeinmadras[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement and appreciation. The team is grateful for your support and wishes.

We hope to release it in August during Friendship Week in theatres equipped with digital projection systems. That would mean Sree in the Sathyam complex and Prasads in Hyderabad. We also have plans of an October or December release in the US.

But at the moment, we are having a little hiccups editing, because as that four letter word JINX would have it, our computer has crashed again and the editor is fighting hard to retrieve the data. If we lose it, we got to start editing all over again...

We are currently delayed by a fortnight, but we hope to catch up with the lost time soon.

Will keep you all posted. Thanks again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Presenting VJ Cary Edwards as Vishal!

Vishal: Mr. All Heart. Babe Magnet. Wears heart on the sleeve Posted by Hello

Yeah, Vishal again: There's always someone waiting to get into his pants! Posted by Hello

Vishal seems to get all the babes in the movie! Does he really? Posted by Hello

Introducing Praveen as Prashant!

That's Prashant: The man with the plan! Mr. Head on shoulder! Posted by Hello

And the man between Mr. Head and Master Heart is Sunil. The man in blue? We'll introduce him later! Posted by Hello

Ash a.k.a. Aashil Nair from Bangalore!

Okay, Sunil is played by Aashil Nair from Bangalore. A truly wonderful guy and an amazing actor! Posted by Hello

Sunil wants to make a movie! Posted by Hello

'Evam' Sunil as Zebra!

The guy in blue is the super eccentric Zebra. Sunil of 'Evam' slips into Ranvir's shoes! And how! Posted by Hello

Life has its ways of catching you unawares. It takes you by surprise! And comes calling when you least expect it! Posted by Hello

And we live in an extremely competitive world... Posted by Hello

There comes a time in our lives when we have to do a little thinking... Posted by Hello

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TFLW is also a story about two diametrically opposite girls... Posted by Hello

Isha and Sara: Best Friends! Posted by Hello

Nothing could come between them! Posted by Hello

Usha Seetharam as Isha!

Isha's the woman of tomorrow! Posted by Hello

The girl who does not recognise boundaries! Posted by Hello

Paloma is Sara!

And Sara, is actually the Saraswati at heart! The girl of today who walks two worlds. And almost leads a double life! Posted by Hello

After all not everyone can be Isha! Posted by Hello

But hey, they love each other! But not the way you think they do! ;) Posted by Hello

When boys meet girls, a lot of things can happen... Posted by Hello