Sunday, March 26, 2006

That Four Letter Word Version 1

This is the promo of the movie which we shot three years ago, shelved and reshot.

As a build-up to the launch of the trailer of the new version and the preview coming up in a few weeks, I will be going down the memory lane and maybe use the chance to thank all the people who have been responsible for giving shape to a very old dream.

The promos will feature one new video on the movie and the making of it every week and will end with the release of the trailer of the new movie and the dates of preview. We've been stuck at the post production level for quite a long while now because of technical difficulties. But we believe this too shall pass and we will have a movie on our hands soon.

Spread the word. This August, we hope we will give you a chance to celebrate life and friendship. Sign up for the preview to be held in a few weeks by leaving a comment with your email address.

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