Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ranvir Vinay aur That Four Letter Word

This happens to be our most fun experience on national television and the most embarassing one. The talk show with Ranvir and Vinay was a blast. It was recorded on the same day as the India-Pakistan T20 final.

Cary and me were in the dressing room watching the last two overs of the match before the show trying not to get stressed out by the fact that we hardly spoke Hindi, only to get all the more stressed by that high-tension thriller...

As the Pakis needed 13 of the last over, the entire crew of Ranvir Vinay aur Kaun including the hosts stormed into the green room. And you can imagine the excitement.

Even the normally cricket-indifferent Cary was all hooked to it and Ranvir turned cynical after the six. But soon Misbah hit the shot he will never ever try again all his life as Sreesanth caught it and the room erupted with screams and celebrations...

What a way to start the shoot...

Yes, it was a sentimental shoot for Cary, Ranvir and me because Ranvir had been part of the film since 2002 ever since I met him and Cary for an interview when they were both VJs. We had come a full circle and now Ranvir was interviewing us.

Truly an honour!

Thank you Ranvir Paaji and Vinay... You made us feel at home and never have we enjoyed digs at us more!

And thanks Darshan, for being the official TFLW TV show tracker/recorder.

Friday, October 19, 2007

That Four Letter Word on [V]

Thank you, Channel [V] for supporting us and giving us as much visibility as any mainstream film.

Monday, October 15, 2007

That Four Letter in Mumbai

CNN-IBN and Rajeev Masand were quite sweet to us by covering the release of the film at Fun Cinemas. Rajeev also called me to their studios for a quick chat on independent cinema. Take a look. And thank you, Varsha! :)