Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yesterday was really special. Super special.

It marked the end of a journey that's taken over six years. I would like to believe I'm done shooting for That Four Letter Word.

Yes, yesterday was the last day of shoot. Now I think I have every bit of footage I need (of course given the constraints of budget) to finish the movie.

I wanted to post a long, elaborate thanksgiving note but I guess I'll save that for later. Too tired and maybe a little too early considering that we still need to finish the final cut of the edit and wrap up dubbing by the end of the month. Looks like I'll have a movie on my hands by mid-February. And once its done, I might have to write a bible if I were to mention every single person who has contributed to get us here. I hope to do that too post premiere.

For now, I got to get back to work on the movie.

Just wanted to share my relief and happiness at having completed the entire shoot, including patch work this time.

Finally! :)

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