Monday, February 26, 2007

The Monday test!

We passed it!!

95 seats today! YES!!

There were three seats booked until noon. And then 60 were sold till four. Exactly 70 at 4.20 p.m. for the 4.30 show. We finished at 95 seats today, that's a 65 per cent collection on a weekday.

Even a mainstream film like Eklavya (finally saw it, review coming up soon) had only a 60 per cent collection for the matinee.

We had full houses during the weekend but the weekend is no indication really for how good a film is doing.

Even bad films do well on the weekend. It's the Monday test that we were anxious about because on a Monday afternoon at Sathyam, you can get tickets to any movie you want.

Which means, 95 people chose to watch That Four Letter Word over 'Ekalavya' and 'Music and Lyrics.' So there it is, we passed the test.

That makes it a 87 per cent opening for the first four days. Thank you everybody who's seen and supported this small little film about regular people, their ordinary lives and their ordinary dreams.

You've just given the courage to many young filmmakers to go ahead and make their own movie. Do spread the word. Tell people how you found the film. I'll link even the bad reviews as long as they don't contain spoilers.

Here's one that calls it an average film. It probably is. Or, maybe it is a bad film. Maybe, I don't know. You tell me. And tell me why. Like my favourite critic writes in his latest post on reviewing:

"What I try to do is write about why I felt about a film the way I did. If I liked it – why? And if I didn’t like it – why not?"

Oops, before I forget, Congratulations on the Indiebloggie, Baddy! You guys have read many reviews/blogs that have said nice things and I think that's the problem.

You have great expectations from someone who's made his first film with four lakh rupees and 18 days of shoot. But thank you for that faith. I'm thrilled with the way Madras has responded.

Independent cinema and indie filmmakers have reason to celebrate.

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