Thursday, March 08, 2007

B-A-C-K: Due to public demand

That Four Letter Word will return back to Studio 5, Sathyam Cinemas this weekend. A few days ago, I was so sure that not more than 20 people would actually wake up to watch TFLW so early on a weekend.

I was so wrong. We had a little over 50 per cent occupancy on Saturday morning. And then, over 80 per cent of the hall was full the very next morning.

Thank you Madras for waking up early on a Sunday and making it to the theatres just to watch the movie.

Due to public demand, we're bringing the movie back at 11 a.m. just for all those of you who complained that 10.30 was too early. So all you guys who still haven't got a chance to see the film, here are a coupla more chances. March 10th & 11 (Morning show @ 11 a.m.)

The advance bookings will open on Thursday and you can book online through that yellow banner on the sidebar towards your right. Since this is a digital film, for best results, do watch it from the back rows. I thank each and every one of you who have seen the film for your support.

If you didn't like the film, I'm truly sorry I let you down. And all those who've seen it three times or more, I can't thank you enough. I'm really touched that some of you have listed That Four Letter Word among your favourite films on Orkut. I'm not sure if it deserves a place there but thank you so very much for being kind.

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