Thursday, December 14, 2006

TFLW premieres on December 21

Well, due to limited seating, I'm not able to invite everybody for the premiere of my film.

The Film Chamber auditorium (next door to Rani Seethai Hall) has a capacity of only 230 seats.

That Four Letter Word will be screened at the Film Chamber on December 21, 2006 as part of the fourth Chennai International Film Festival. The 6.15 p.m. show is only for cast and crew, friends, VIPs and media (by invitation only).

However, the 8.15 p.m. show is for delegates of the festival. So you guys better get working on getting delegate passes soon. Here's the contact information.

All you need is a photograph and 300 bucks to choose from over 100 films from 40 countries over a span of eight days and three theatres.

Pedro Almodovar's 'Volver' is the opening film (it was also the opening film at IFFI, Goa, just three weeks ago) and your 300 bucks will be worth every rupee of it for just that one film alone. I got a chance to see it at Goa. :D

And about TFLW, like I said, the Film Chamber auditorium has only 230 seats and seating is on first come first served basis.

But don't you worry, the big films are scheduled for screening at Woodlands and Woodlands Symphony.

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