Monday, December 25, 2006

That top of the world feeling: Updates

1. The New Indian Express carried this very kind story on the movie. Thank you, Bhama! I'm yet to apply for leave for shooting 'Ullu Banana'/Watcha Gonna Do? and I hope they don't send me off on permanent leave. He he!

2. I spoke to Revathy finally. She called me a coupla days ago and told me she had been busy and hence unable to talk to me earlier.

Guess what? She liked the movie too, overall. She called it "very interesting cinema" but maintained that "it could have gone an extra mile." She was very disturbed that it did not. I asked her to tell me why she thought so. She said that she wasn't able to put a finger on it yet. She wants to watch it again.

When she heard we made it for four lakhs, she couldn't believe it. "Super," she said. "Super," still in disbelief. She, however, thought that the English we Indians speak on camera does not sound natural.

And contrary to what a lot of people have said, she thought TFLW is no exception. I would like to believe the conversation is natural because four out of six of my actors speak this way (and in English) at home.

Revathy liked the treatment, the characters and she didn't like the way Sara's character graph ended. But she also noted that different people from the audience will relate to different characters and not like some of them because of who they are.

3. I got hold of some unedited footage of the premiere shot by Times Now. Waiting for the rest of the clips. Got to hunt it down from CNN-IBN, Headlines Today, SS Music and Will upload the clips soon. Watch this space.

4. We are most likely to go in for an internet release by March 2007. My concern is how secure DRM really is. STAR is coming up with a broadband portal and they've promised me a secure release. My friend from STAR also suggested that it maybe a good idea to release across platforms on the same day. We're working on that idea. The other issue over internet release is that we've made a low budget film and the poor lighting shows in a couple of scenes. When you watch a low res version, you maybe put off by the technical quality. Saptarshi who saw it on DVD and in the theatre that all the scenes he thought were lit badly looked very good on the big screen.

5. Sandhya insists that this is not her just gushing about the film. I disagree. :) Thank you Sandhya!

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