Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coming Soon to Singapore!

I had got an email from Anant Shiva, a friend of Sagaro's, inviting me to send in That Four Letter Word for the Screenplayer Film Festival. Apparently, the festival is only for short films and they have made an exception to showcase TFLW because of its 'making' story, I hear.

All a filmmaker wants is for more people to see his film. (Sagaro: Don't take that to mean that you can put up a copy online if you have one). I'm glad that some of you in Singapore will be able to see the movie.

One of my school buddies and old dumb charades mate Amal Kiran is planning to organise a screening for his students. Amal knows the guys we've based the film on. So it would be interesting to see how he reacts to the film because he hasn't seen it himself yet.

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