Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Interview on MiD-Day Bangalore

Thank you, Sunayana, for this half-page write-up... Awesome! Considering you had to jot it all down over phone... You're a rock star!!

For the record, a couple of small corrections/clarifications:

1. The article says 72 per cent of TFLW was shot in 3 weeks.
About 85 per cent of the film was actually shot in 12 days. The 72 per cent stat is about the occupancy during the 3 weeks we played at Sathyam Cinemas.

2. The problem in finding child actors who can speak English without any accent was to make sure that regional flavours don't restrict the market for a universal story. Generally, Bombay audiences have their strict bias against anything even remotely South Indian.

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Raheel Lakhani said...

hello.. great to know about this film. I want to know which camera and other equipment did you use for it.