Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you Bangalore!

I have not had a more critical audience.

But they were the sweetest too - they laughed at regular intervals during the film, argued with me quite a bit after the film and then sent me off with the routine applause. The reaction seemed mixed.

Since I didn't know what they really thought, especially after that heavyduty discussion, I asked Hrish to find out after I had left. I wanted to be know if it all there was any point in releasing the film there.

I was totally thrilled when Hrish messaged to tell me they rated the film 6 on 10 at the Roof Top Film Festival, Bangalore.

That's much more than my own rating of 5 on 10. Thank you guys!

Here are some more individual reports - Posts made on the festival by Hrish, Lavanya, Sathish, Thejesh and Vatsap.

Filmmaker/Actor Pawan came up with this wonderful suggestion that could sustain indie filmmakers on the wiki. He said that considering that all of us spend at least two hundred bucks everytime we go out to watch a movie, he said that once in a month we can give that 200 bucks money to pre-order a DVD made by an indie filmmaker. Bangalore has a base of 100 movie buffs interested in supporting indie cinema. Even if each of these 100 get 10 of their friends to do the same, an indie filmmaker would get 2 lakh rupees, which he rightly said, is enough to cover production, post and DVD authoring costs. Let's directly take the film to the audience. Let's just fire the producer, he said.

If Bangalore manages to pull this off and produce Pawan's new film, it will be a triumph for indie filmmaking.

Chennai too needs to do something to set up a network for indie filmmakers. Hopefully, we will have some news by early next month.

I spy a movement. :D

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