Thursday, March 24, 2005


I did something yesterday.

I made an important decision. It was a tough one. Cuz it involved losing someone who had put in a lot of effort into my film. But I was left with no option but to do it. Told my lead star not to do my film if he didn't trust me enough to do my job as a director.

I do realise he has a decade's experience in the Tamil film industry, respect the name he has created for himself and the effort he has put in my film. But what I could not deal with, was (and IS) interference.

I strongly believe that a movie is a director's baby.

And it is that director who has to take the credit or the blame for a good movie or the bad movie he creates. So that people at least know whose baby it is. A movie becomes a bastard when too many people try to play director.

I have always said it is "our movie." I still think it is "our movie" but there can only be one director.

I know I'm the "beginner director" and he's the star.

But I refuse to believe that he's "doing me a favour."

So I told him not to do my film if he thinks he's doing me a favour. And with him went half my crew (who he brought in) and the other lead actor. So that's how it all ended. I lost my cinematographer, my music director, half the locations and food he had arranged for the shoot. I lost three days of what I shot.

The show, however, has just started.

I am going to re-start my film for the third time.

I auditioned people today, recast my actors and am all set to start shoot again.

Starting day after tomorrow!

Like I said in last post, nothing can stop this film from being made. No matter what, I will complete shoot for this movie before April 10. I gave my word to a lesser star in the film. And I will keep my word. The show ... will go on!

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