Monday, March 07, 2005

Two weeks notice!

Just another two weeks before we shoot.

Maybe even earlier, depending on how the permissions for locations needed turn out.

And we have enough reason to panic, but we won't. At least not yet. But here's why it's crazy.

1. Ranvir hasn't confirmed dates yet. He reaches Mumbai only on March 20 and will take three days to read the new script. He said he will call us on 25th. Which will be three or four days into the shoot.

2. We still haven't been able to get a replacement for Suchitra though we've auditioned a few. We've sent the word out. If you guys know any girl interested in playing one of the lead roles in the film, please email

3. Though we have had smaller meetings with almost everybody involved in the film, we haven't had an entire cast-crew meeting yet because the final list of the cast and crew is yet to be prepared.

4. Scheduling the shoot requires permissions for the locations needed but we can't get permissions till we get a fix on the cast. Hope this will resolve in the next few days.

5. I've applied for leave between March 15 and April 30. I still haven't heard from the management about that!

On the upside however:

1. We are ready with the location report and grouped Ranvir's scenes together to be shot towards the end.

2. We have adequate people for the crew. Just a matter of time before we are all able to meet together and have daily sittings. That should start happening in a week.

3. We have some wonderful people who have volunteered to help in kind by giving us locations and props that we need.

4. Last time we didn't have Ranvir even after 15 days into our shoot. He's destined to be part of this project. We know he will make it. And we have a backup ready. Half the scenes we shot with him last time can be used as they are.

5. Last time around, my letter never reached the management till I came back from the shoot and I got into trouble. This time, at least that has been taken care of!


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