Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shoot starts today!

I'm extremely pleased to inform you all that the shooting for That Four Letter Word re-starts this evening at the British Council.
If you can make it at this short notice, please make it to British Council for the Buzz party, to mark the start of the movie. Time 7.30 p.m. Date: March 16 (today).
Spread the word.
And wish us luck.


Kiruba Shankar said...

Good Luck, Sudhish.


Anonymous said...

How'd it go?

- Maharajan

Nikhil said...

Accept best wishes from this
just-out-of-teens infantile who also wishes to make a movie someday..

All the best Sir!


arvind caulagi said...

hey there!
this is sandhya's friend. sandhya has been telling me about this movie you are directing, and it sounds really interesting. all the best! both of us also wish to make a film one day!

Sriram said...

Sudhish Dude

I happen to be ur immediate junior in DAV and was blogging in SAP tech sites , until i stumbled on ur blog today..Nice to know ur making a movie..all the best..I happen to see prashanth 3-4 weeks back in Bangalore Railway station..but he vanished before i cud catch hold of him..

Keep blogging..

Kannappan said...

Wish you All the best Buddy!

Expecting a good movie from a fresh young director

Sunu said...

ooh nice...
where's the film being shot...
can i come watch some of it being shot :D
also... is there a remote chance of me gettin a sneak peek into the movie script :D:D:D pweeeety pweeez!

sukumar said...

Great job so far and for keeping up the tempo for makin the movie and getting it right. Our wishes are always with you we pray to God for your success. Best of luck and the stills are good.
Balli a.k.a. u know who….

shub said...

came here from kiruba's blog..all the best:)