Monday, March 07, 2005

Kiruba's interview!

Kiruba's interview has most of the information that I wanted to put on this blog on the Making of the movie: The journey of the film from then to now.

So, you guys can catch up with the action here.

Thank you Kiruba.

Starting tomorrow. I will be blogging here about the daily developments and work in progress on the film, along with information on help that we need.

But before that, I would like to summarise the help I seek.

1. Money. If you do know of potential sponsors looking at attracting a young audience, please help yourself to this.

2. Production Assistants. People willing to spare a month and work full time between mid March to mid April, and for free.

3. Extras. People who can chip in with guest appearances at your convenience and as much as possible in the free time you have.

4. Traffic jammers. Required for two days of shoot with cars and bikes to stage a traffic jam in the middle of the night. Might require you to stay awake all night. Please bring your friends along.

5. Pretty women. Who will act as one of Cary's many girlfriends in the film. Scene involves dirty dancing with Cary! Women willing to kiss will be an added plus! :)

Please register with us by emailing me at or at the earliest. Our production manager will then call you to confirm details.

Can't thank you guys enough for the support. So I will save that up for later.



kichami said...

dear kamath: I am basically from Chennai,Lloyds Rd but now temporarily inD.C metro area.I wish I were in Chennai and Mumbai now since even at 75 I wish to join your team especially with a drama background along with Vaali and Nagesh.While there,I was an avid reader of Ur articles but after I started to blog from here I saw Ur site from my son's
Though it is sometime I have last seen V.Jayant s/o of my friend and colleague of my late nephew "Bharat' of Mysore he will be happy to know that I blog in Partha Krish

kichami said...

add on: It will be a grat fun what with animals kissing, fondling,caressing etc though we have seen earlier in"Discovery" and "Geographical" channels since your shoot will be on 'Desi' animals and consequently it will have a national flavour and fervour!
All the best in your efforts
Partha Krish